15 Car Dashboard Warning Signs and What They Mean

When something goes wrong with your car, it is your dashboard that will show signs of those faulty parts in your car. However, its not always good to ignore certain signs you see that shows up as lights on your dashboard as this could lead to a very serious problem in your car. Those warning signs stand for different car problems and in this article we shall be looking at about 15 of those warning signs that appear on dashboard and the meaning.

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  1. Engine Temperature warning


When you see this sign on your dashboard please do not ignore it as it could lead to serious problem in the engine. The sign here means that your engine is too hot which is bad, so you need to get a mechanic as soon as possible to check what is responsible for the hotness of the engine.

  1. Tire Pressure Warning


This sign usually tells the owner of the car that the pressure in one or more tires is low and needs attention urgently. It is very important that you check the pressures on your tire often to know when they are less. When pressures on tires are low, they could lead to flat tire or damage the tire. So when you see this sign, please park your car somewhere and check which tire is low on pressure and change or inflate it immediately.

  1. Oil Pressure Warning


Engine Oil plays a very important role in the performance of a car and when the oil is low it can cause problem in your vehicle. The sign above shows indicates that your vehicle is low on oil or that there’s a problem with your car’s oil pressure system. The moment you see this sign, please get a mechanic to check what is the cause of the drop in engine oil. It is recommended that you change your engine oil every 2 to 3 months depending on how often you use your car. If you change oil frequently, this sign may not show on your dashboard.

  1. Traction Control

This sign simple means that the traction control system is engaged. You can get a mechanic to help you out.

  1. Engine warning


This sign usually indicates that something is not working well in your engine. So when you see this sign kindly contact a mechanic to check your engine.

  1. Antilock Brake Warning

So this sign simple means that there’s a problem with your antilock brake system that needs to be diagnosed.

  1. Automatic Shift Lock or Engine Start Indicator


So when you see this sign don’t be worried. What it simple means is that you need to engage your brake either to start your car’s ignition or to get it out of Neutral.

  1. Battery Alert


This is an indication that the car’s charging system is short of power, that you are running solely on battery.

  1. Fuel Indicator system


This symbol means you are running low on fuel. Whenever you see this sign, you should know that your car has little fuel so you need to top it up to avoid your engine developing serious problem.

  1. Seat Belt Reminder


This shows that one of your seat belts hasn’t been fastened. It’s important that seat belts are fastened when the car is on motion to keep the passengers safe during an accident or a collision.

  1. Air Bag Indicator


This shows that there may be problem with one or all of your airbags in the car.

  1. Fog Lamb Indicator


This sign is telling you that your fog lights are on.

  1. Security Light


This sign simple means that you may need a key with the proper transponder in order to trigger the ignition. Or, there is something else wrong with your car’s anti-theft system.

  1. Traction Control Malfunction


This sign means that there’s a problem with your anti-skid system and maybe shut off completely.

  1. Washer Fluid Indicator


So this sign tells you that the washer fluid level is low, so you need to fill it up immediately.

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