Car AC Belt Replacement

What is the AC Belt all about?

The AC belt connects the engine’s crankshaft to the air conditioner and without the AC belt, the air conditioner will not work. In some vehicles, the defrost function may be limited or even non-functioning if the AC belt is broken.

Keep in mind:

  • The AC belt is not considered a major issue in that it won’t interfere with the vehicle’s ability to run; however, if the AC belt fails, the indoor temperatures may not be regulated properly.

How it’s done:

  • The AC belt is verified to be needing replacement
  • The AC belt tensioner is loosened and the old belt is removed
  • The new AC belt is installed
  • The AC belt tensioner is adjusted to specifications
  • The AC is checked for proper operation

If you hear squealing when the air conditioner is turned on, or notice that the AC belt appears to be frayed, stretched, or worn, one of our expert mechanics can inspect the belt and replace it for you if necessary. An inspection will help eliminate causes of AC belt failure other than normal wear and tear. Occasionally, a different broken part can interfere with the belt, causing failure.

If the AC belt is broken, you’ll need to have it replaced if you want to have a working air conditioner. During the winter, the air conditioning unit helps to dehumidify the car during the defrost cycle, so repair may be essential during the winter months.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the AC Belt?

  • Noise, such as squealing when the air conditioner is turned on
  • Visual inspection shows fraying, stretching, or weakening of the belt
  • The belt breaks

How important is this service?

The vehicle’s air conditioner will not run without a properly functioning AC belt. While this isn’t a major issue, it can be rather uncomfortable in warmer climates. The issue becomes more important in the winter, if weather necessitates use of the defrost setting on the heater.

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