Car Challenges faced by Drivers and their  Prevention

In recent times, most people find travelling or moving from one place to another a very serious challenge. This is borne out of the fact that most people do not stay close to the road where they can directly access a cab so walking a long interval to the bus stations present s a challenge. However this stress would have been avoided with just calling a private cab, but trust me the cost of getting a private cab can be outrageous. Thus owing a personal car or truck becomes a sought after by every one desirous of comfort. Owing a private car implies that you can just wake up anytime, hit the road anytime without the worry of getting a public transportation means.

As the saying ‘every good news comes with responsibility’ goes, buying a new car whether very expensive or a cheat one is definitely going to expose you to another kind of challenge.

Older drivers with years of driving experience with lots of ideas about cars seem to handle the vehicle issues that keep them away from expensive repair costs, while the newer less experienced drivers seem to be facing uphill repairs and car maintenance issues. Below is a list of some car challenges experienced motorist whether experienced or inexperienced.

  1. A Dead Car Battery

A car battery could be said to central in the entire car operations thus if it fails, you are stranded especially on automatic transmission cars. Thus even when you have all engine components working great but have a bad or dead battery, your car will not respond to ignition. Possible causes are parasitic components draining your car battery. Some of this include your car lights,radio,alarm system etc. Also your car battery has a specified lifespan as such be sure to check to confirm when to perform your next car battery replacement to avoid being stranded on the road.

  1. Worn Or Bad Car Starter

This particular issue one of the commonest issues faced by motorist. Whenever you have a good battery and you turn on the ignition and do not have the engine starting, instead what you hear is just some clicking sounds. This could be a fault directly associated with your car starter or other electrical components or wiring. Do not try diagnosing this if you do not have a good knowledge of car repairs. Have a car electrician check to see if the fault is from the starter motor or failure of another electrical component and repair the damaged part as applicable.

  1. Spark Plugs

How do you know when a spark plug is bad? First if you feel a reduced speed and or a poorer feel mileage on your hands, it is that you may be facing a bad spark plug problem. Like the car battery and other car components, the spark plug also has a lifespan that if exceeded can result in some engine failure and reduced or poor gas mileage.

  1. Car Alternator

The car alternator is the only energy source to your car battery. Its primary work is to make sure your car battery is fully charged at all times. In view of the fact the car battery uses much charge to get the engine started; it becomes imperative that the battery must remain charged to cater for other driving operations. Thus the alternator has a very great function to the battery so the its failure has great impact on the car. The alternator can wear out anytime and fail thus requiring replacements. Look out for a battery that is not charging as one of the signs of a bad alternator and have a professional diagnose and fix it for you.

  1. Flat Tire

Every driver has passed through this phase at one point in time. While this is usually very annoying, it is usually the easiest fix you can handle on your own if you have a spare tire. Of course carrying a spare tire is a legal requirement in some countries. As simply as this fix maybe, it usually is annoying when you have to get on the ground to loosen, mount the tire. This could result in you having dirt or grease stains on your expensive cloth. To prevent being caught up in the web of a flat tire, ensure you drive around place that do not have sharp objects that could puncture the tires. Also, ensure your tire has the manufacturers recommended air pressure at all times.

  1. Brake Problems

Issues with your car brake can observe as the brake begins to wear. For example you can observe your brake going bad or failure signaling when there is a reduced braking performance in your car. You begin to have this spongy feeling when you press your brake pedal instead of the otherwise firm brake pedal and an instant braking performance.

Issue with brake failure can range from leaking brake fluid to a dirty brake fluid, Worn brake pads. It is advised that you replace your brake fluid after every 40000km/s. Also replace your brake pad when they is this squealing noise from your brake. Allowing this to persist can result in your brake rotor being damaged and this could result in total brake failure. Have a professional mechanic check out your car brake to ascertain the real fault and repair it at once. Always remember that your brake is a safety component that must not be played with to avoid loss of life. If you feel your brake is badly damaged, have the car towed safely to a mechanic.

  1. Leaking Oil

This is yet another silent car destroyer. You go into your car turn it on and then discover some dark puddles of oil under your car hood. This could signal a potential danger. It could be the transmission fluid, engine oil, power steering oil or the brake fluid. Either way, ignoring this this stains and zooming off could put you in harm’s way. Since the engine, transmission, steering etc only function with this fluid; driving it that way will mean allowing the fluid to drain completely which then affects the components it was meant to lubricate. This could lead to a costly repair or a complete replacement of the affected part.

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