Essential Dirt Bike Gear You Require dirt bike enthusiast, you are already familiar with the wide array of dirt bike gears to choose from. As with other gears, you need to be well-schooled to be able to know which of the dirty-bike and motor cross gears works for you considering that the gear you choose has to conform to safety, comfort and also the utility want of the rider.

Helmet (Full faced)

This gear is very vital as it serves to protect the jaw area of the rider. This is equally a requirement for other classes of Motocross.

The essence of the full faced helmet is not just for the protection of the jaws but also for the prevention of brain injuries. It equally safeguards the teeth in the event of a crash. While making your helmet decision, it is imperative to consider the below listed factors concerning them;

  1. The Ventilation

There’re lots of fancy helmets that do not offer provision for proper ventilation. It is very important you go for a multi-ventilated helmet reasons being that absence of ventilation will cause severe sweating and heat up the inside quicker.

  1. Type of Material

It is recommended that you opt for the helmets made with carbon fiber. This type of helmet comes stronger and lighter.

  1. Vision Area

When it has to do with motocross riding, proper vision does it all. Having a good vision area coupled with a good pair of goggle that gives you a great riding experience.

  1. Appearance

The moment you are guaranteed about your safety, the looks can be tailored to your interest.

Motocross Boots

You cannot boast of having a complete riding kit if you fail to use a good pair of a riding boots. This offers protection not just to your feet but is equally very imperative during rides on unpaved roads. This boots must be built for this rough riding. This class of boots will not only offer comfort but also safety to the rider. However before selecting any particular riding boot, there are something’s to give considerations to namely;

  1. Protection

A rider will require protection from rock strike during the ride and often time’s also making contact with grounds or surfaces. Since your feet have soft places that can twist when in contact with a hard surfaces, it is fine you opt for a sturdy designed boot with a good brand name in the industry.

  1. The Size

You require a fitted boots or none. Without a fit sized boot, you wouldn’t have the right protection, support and stability a boot is built for. Ensure you only pay money after taking care to try and know that it’s your size and if it’s an online purchase, ensure you specify the right size so the manufacturer send the right size to you.

  1. Ergonomics

In view of how important comfort is to a dirt bike rider, before making any purchase, ensure to check the ergonomics of your choice. Be sure the boots are not too huge so this does not encumber your riding in any way.

  1. Riding Pants

Investing in a good riding pant is worth the investment. This keeps you from having your favorite jeans been ripped off every now and then. Most types come in sporty designs also.

Riding Shirts

This should be a full sleeved riding shirt that covers your skin. In view of the rough terrain you are to navigate where you may be in contact with dirt’s, tree branches etc., it is a riding shirt that will keep your skin off abrasions and other bruises. Before buying a riding shirt be sure to give attention to the below listed factors namely;

  1. Type of Cloth

Never be carried away by fancier designs instead get a dirt bike jersey. This takes care of the roughness associated with riding and has more anti abrasion material than the standard dirt bike shirt offered.

  1. The Size

As with the dirt riding pant, a well fitted dirt riding jersey is very vital. An oversized shirt should be avoided to forestall being trapped by something while riding. Bear in mind also the chest protector. Although some people like wearing it under, others prefer having it on top.

What are Required Accessories?

While the above stated are not the only required, there are some others to have in mind. Read more to see some other accessories you need.

  1. Riding Goggle

Clear vision is imperative while riding. Usually, when on high speed, your vision becomes blurred because of the resistance of wind. If you intend to go on a high speed, then you should make a choice of a riding goggle. Apart from the vision, the goggle equally offers protection to your eyes against sands, dirts,debris, bugs,branches etc during the ride.

  1. Gloves

The riding gloves are another very important accessory to invest in. This in very practical terms works in terms of utility. It protects against debris, stones and other. They protect against abrasion.

  1. Braces and Other Devices

There are basically four required braces name; Knee, Elbow, Torso and Neck. In as much as there requires both sleek and practical designs, it should be designed to protect against injuries.

Light weight protectors are usually the recommended, however, ensure that these do not just offer protection to the affected body part but also conforms to safety guidelines.

Now you are set to blaze the trail.


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