How emergency/Parking Brake Shoe is replaced

https://autoglobe365.comWhat is the Emergency/Parking Brake Shoe?

The duty of the parking brake shoes is to hold the vehicle in place (stop the car from rolling) when you use the parking or emergency brake. Parking brake shoes are mounted on cars that have rear rotors (also known as rear disc brakes). Most new vehicles (made after 1999) have rotors at the rear wheels. In the older vehicles that have drums at the rear wheels, the brake shoes inside the rear drums work as the parking brake shoes.

Bear in mind:

  • Parking brake shoes only exist on cars with rear rotors.
  • The thickness of the brake shoe will allow the mechanic know if it requires replacing.
  • Sometimes a parking brake shoe will have debris or contamination; if this is cleaned off, the shoe may not need changing.

How it is done:

  • Check parking brake shoes by removing the rear rotors.
  • If the thickness is less than 30% of the original, install new shoes.
  • Clean and adjust if necessary.
  • Confirm operation of the hand brake.

What common symptoms Show you may need to replace the Emergency / Parking Brake Shoe?

  • Parking brake does not hold the car.
  • Parking brake does not function.
  • Parking brake does not release.

How Vital is this service?

When the parking brake is engaged, the parking brake shoes hold the vehicle in place by clamping against the rear brake rotors. These shoes assure that the wheels cannot turn, and your vehicle cannot roll. As the parking brake shoes wear out, they get thinner, and cannot put as much pressure to the rotors, making them much less effective and putting your vehicle at risk of moving out of its parked position.


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