How to Adjust a Brake Pedal Height


Your car’s brake pedal is one of the vital part of your car. If your car brake pedal is set too high or too low, your ability to stop your vehicle may be compromised. Stopping your vehicle too late, or too soon can lead to an accident and serious injury.

Adjusting the brake pedal height is a job any DIY enthusiast can perform with a little effort following these easy steps. If you do not feel qualified enough to adjust your cars brake height by yourself, or your brake is having problems stopping your vehicle quickly, visit a dealership or a mechanic.

Step 1 – Inspect the Brake Pedal Height

Begin by checking the brake pedal height to know if your car’s brake pedal is in the proper position. The brake pedal should be an inch higher than your vehicle’s gas pedal. Most domestic vehicle manufacturers do this. Some imported vehicles, however, have gas and brake pedals at the same height.

Step 2 – Check for the Brake Push Rod

You have to know where the brake push rod is before you can adjust the height of your brake pedal. At the right side of the brake pedal is a rod that is linked to the brake pad level through the floor of your vehicle into the engine. This is the brake push rod.

Step 3 – Take out the Lock Nut

Using a wrench, take out the closest nut that links the brake pedal and the push rod.

Step 4 – Then adjust the Height

With the help of a pair of pliers, twist the push rod in a clockwise direction to increase the height of the brake pedal. If you have to lower the brake pedal you can do so by twisting the push rod counter clockwise.

Step 5 – The Lock Nut

The last process is to tighten the nut that you previously took out. Ensure that the lock nut is locked tight.

Once you have tightened the lock, Perform few brake tests at low speed to Inspect if you need to re-adjust the height of your car’s brake pedal before going out for your routine drive.

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