How to clean the exhaust step by step this article, you will know how to clean the exhaust step by step.

If you have a sports car or truck, you know how filthy your exhaust tips can be. 

Especially with any aftermarket exhaust, these tips get very hot, are exposed to flames, and can turn a cloudy gray to dark color pretty quickly. 

You may have noticed that hydrocarbon is a substance that results from engine combustion and should be cleaned periodically.

Even though fume tips are generally chrome, aluminum, or some variety of intelligent metal, the blend of fumes, warmth, and climate can do a ton of corrective harm. 

On such surfaces as aluminum, dependable cleaners are not suggested and can harm the completion of the moderately permeable metal. 

Scratching is additionally genuinely normal and, if not dealt with, rust is profoundly plausible because of the degree of beating your fumes takes.

How to clean the exhaust step by step :

We all know that there is some process of doing any work. Some step does every job. Like that, if you want to clean your car or bike exhaust, you also have to follow some steps. 

In this article, I have written about four steps for cleaning exhaust tips. If you want to know these steps, keep reading the article till the end attentively.

Requirement :

For cleaning exhaust tips, you will need some elements. Below is the list of these elements which you will need to clean exhaust.

  • Hose and water which is running by the direct pipe.
  • A brush of cylindrical wheel cleaning.
  • Soap which we use for our car.
  • Some old microfinance towels.
  • Automotive metal polish.
  • Automotive steel wool of 000-grade(it’s optional)
  • A pair of gloves.

At first, collect all of these requirements. Before starting the cleaning process, make sure that you have brought all the conditions along with you.

Step-1; using soap and water:

At first, remove all dirt, brake dust, or other substances using soap and water. Start cleaning your bike or car exhaust with soap and water, and remove the filth.

You also can use a bucket dedicated to cleaning the wheels, which you don’t use for washing paint. It can be a good idea for you. If you have an old wash mitt or microfiber, make sure to grab it. 

Which brushes or rag contains black soot, don’t contact your vehicle’s paint with that. Throughout this process and be careful.

This entire process may be pretty messy, so you should be careful about staining your clothes, driveway, or hands.

Using degreaser and tire brush:

After removing as much dirt and grime as possible, in the first step, you also can use a wheel cleaner or degreaser with a tire brush to clean inside your pipe to start. 

When you have completed applying soap and degreaser, wash it with water. Then dry it with a towel. Now the first step is complete, and you can move on to the next step. 

Due to oxidation, your pipes may look slightly hazy or cloudy. In this regard, the light metal polish can help you to restore the luster.

Step- 2; using automotive steel wool:

Using a dedicated exhaust cleaner is a popular way to clean stainless still exhaust tips safely.

You can follow automotive-grade steel wool and metal polish and apply it clean microfiber towel.

Using steel wool :

You can use automotive-grade 000 or 0000 steel wool for applying light process; after finishing, spray your pipes with a degreaser or wheel cleaner. If you have a lot of carbon buildup or scratches, then it will be your best bet. 

These tips will help you to remove blemishes, which may not be removed by metal polish.

  Now move on to the 3rd step.

Step -3; Applying metal polish :

Some faint scratches are more abrasive steel wool, which may have left when removing scratches on your pipe. At this moment, you should follow up with a metal polish when you use something more aggressive like steel wool.

Remove this; if you have black or painted exhaust tips, you shouldn’t use an abrasive or metal polish intended for stainless steel. Instead of this, use soap, water, and degreaser. You should avoid using brushes or anything that could scratch a matte on black finish.

Now follow the final step.

Step-4; protect your exhaust :

To protect your exhaust tips as long as possible, you can use a wheel sealant, an optional step. You may consider this step. Always polish them from time to time. It also will be a good idea if you add a layer of protection. Now the stage is finished.

By following these four steps, you can clean your exhaust easily.

Things should be remembered:

  • Is it the right time for you to clean your car exhaust pipe?
  • Firstly, know which types of materials the exhaust pipe is made of.
  • Prepare cleaning products and tools before cleaning exhaust.

 Main concern: 

Try not to think about your fumes tips as just a mechanical part of your vehicle. They’re extras, and when they look awful, so does your car. Just remember these four hints when you’re contemplating a vehicle wash, and you’ll be all set.

Since many fumes tips are made of titanium, they produce a somewhat blue inclination like shading, which cleaning can eliminate when consumed. 

You should use a degreaser and water to stop the carbon development, trailed by a sealant for security, on the off chance that you incline toward that look.

Nonetheless, using steel fleece and metal clean should give you the outcomes you are searching for. Now you have known this after finishing reading the article. Now you should try these four steps for cleaning your exhaust tips.

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