How to do Wheel Stud Replacement

Wheel Stud Replacement

Wheel Stud ReplacementWhat to know about the Wheel Stud:

When a car tire is taken off of the vehicle for replacement, the lug nuts are then unfastened from the wheel studs. The wheel studs make it much easier to mount a tire since they hold the tire in position instead of demanding a person to line up the holes and put in a bolt.

Wheel studs come in two types:

Screw-in and press-in studs

Screw-in studs are bolted into a threaded hole in the vehicle hub.

Press-in studs

Press-in studs are fixed from the back of the hub with the larger section splined so that it does not revolve. When a wheel stud breaks or is spoiled, the stability of the tire is compromised. If more than one stud breaks, it can cause the tire to vibrate and make steering and driving difficult and unsafe.

Facts to Note:

Wheel studs can either be damaged or stripped.

Wheel studs that are fixed wrongly can cause the lug nut to fall off.

It is possible to break the wheel studs if the lug nuts are tighten up too much, which commonly only happens if a power tool is used.

If the lug nuts are too loose, the wheel can slam back and forth during braking and acceleration, which could also damage the wheel studs.

How to Fix:

The vehicle is raised and held on jack stands and wheel is detached

The hub is detached and defective studs are changed

The hub is reinstalled and tire is reinstalled

The vehicle is removed from the jack stands

The vehicle is road tested for proper operation

The wheel studs and all wheel parts should be checked as a part of regular maintenance and during a tire rotation. In addition, you should inspect them when you replace a flat tire or switch out your tires for any particular reason. If the wheel studs get damaged or worn, have them replaced by one of your expert mechanics to avoid damage to the vehicle.

Common symptoms indicating you may need to change the Wheel Stud:

Stud rotates instead of holding in place

One or more wheel studs is broken off or bent

Threads are warped

Importance of this service:

If the wheel studs break or warp, they will not hold the tire in place, which will cause it to wobble. The tire could fall off or blow out, causing an accident. Wheel studs should be examined as part of regular maintenance, and changed as soon as they are determined to be defective.

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