How to know a bad Oil Temperature Sensor

How to know a bad Oil Temperature Sensor

How to know a bad Oil Temperature SensorWhat to know about the Oil Temperature Sensor:

Engine oil is needed to lubricate the inner workings of your engine and prevent damage from friction. It functions alongside the coolant that circulates in and around the engine to cool it. However, engine oil temperature must be strictly controlled. If the temperature crosses a threshold, engine damage can occur.

The oil temperature sensor’s job is to monitor oil temp and communicate the information with the car’s computer. In some models, the oil temp is actually shown in the dash, but many newer models only display engine coolant temperature. The oil temperature sensor works in tandem with the water temperature sensor and other temperature monitors to ensure that the temperature remains within an acceptable range.

Similar to other sensors, the OTS is subject to high heat on a regular basis, which can damage the wiring harness. If the oil temperature sensor fails, the oil temperature will read wrongly or not at all.

Facts to Note:

Not all vehicles have an oil temperature display.

The oil temperature sensor is not examined during any maintenance, and will only be checked if a malfunction is suspected.

Damage can occur due to many reasons, comprising of corrosion, wiring damage, sensor failure and more.

How to Fix:

The vehicle is lifted and held on jack stands and lower engine covers removed for access

The defective oil temperature sensor is detached

The new oil temperature sensor is fixed

The vehicle is detached from jack stands

The vehicle is started and checked for oil temperature sensor operation

Observing the temperature of your engine during operation is necessary. If the temperature rises to a critical level, the oil will damage the engine. With a functional oil temperature sensor, you will be able to monitor operating conditions and turn off the engine if necessary. Have the sensor checked by your expert mechanics if you suspect that it is faulty.

Common symptoms indicating you may need to change the Oil Temperature Sensor:

Oil temperature gauge does not function

Oil temperature gauge works erratically or reads incorrectly

Importance of this service:

Without access to accurate information about the oil temperature in your engine, the situation can become critical. If you believe there is a problem with the oil temperature sensor in your car, have the problem analyzed by your experienced mechanics straightaway.


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