How to Perform Car Door Mirror Replacement

How to Perform Car Door Mirror Replacement

How to Perform Car Door Mirror ReplacementImportance of Door Mirrors

Mirrors are essential safety features that enable drivers to see their surroundings. Most cars have at minimum three mirrors – one rear-view mirror and two side mirrors. Some are electrically controlled while others are manual. Due to the fact that they are made of glass, they can break, which will need you to replace the whole assembly. Normally it is not pragmatic to just replace the glass.

Facts to Note:

  • Usually, it is not possible to repair mirrors and instead need to be changed.
  • If your mirror has been damaged, it is possible that the mirror control switch has also been damaged.

How to fix:

  • Remove door panel to have access to mirror mounting hardware.
  • Remove and replace the mirror.
  • Inspect operation of an electric mirror prior to panel replacement.
  • Reinstall the door panel.
  • Mirrors are necessary for safe driving and are compulsory by law. Get them changed as soon possible to avoid a citation.

Common symptoms that signal you may need to change the Door Mirror

Broken mirror.

Mirror does not move.

How important are your mirrors?

Your car has three mirrors to enable you view your surroundings while driving. Also, your rear view mirror shows you what is behind you. The side view mirrors show you what is by your side, in your blind spot, and behind you at an angle.

It is best practice for drivers to use all three of their mirrors to make sure that they are driving as safely as possible. If any of your mirrors is damaged, you willnot get the same awareness of your surroundings, and you’ll be a less safe driver. Driving without a mirror is also illegal, and can result in an expensive ticket.

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