How to Replace Windshield Wiper Module

Windshield Wiper Module

Windshield Wiper ModuleWhat is Windshield Wiper Module

The windshield wiper module, also known as the wiper module or control module with respect to the automaker, is responsible for controlling and coordinating all the different functions. It’s generally located inside the dash, mounted several inches above the accelerator pedal (the actual mounting location will vary depending on the make and model). It’s a miniature computer that is responsible for controlling the operation of the entire system, from the wiper switch on the steering column to the operation of the windshield wiper gearbox.

When the wiper switch position is altered, whether from off to on, or from one level to another, a signal is sent from the switch to the windshield wiper module. The control module interprets that input signal and sends an output signal to the windshield wiper motor. When the wiper module is not functioning as designed, the wipers may not work when commanded, may not shut off, and may not work at the designated speed. The wipers can also start acting on their own volition with no input.

Facts to Note:

There is no routine maintenance for the windshield wiper module.

The windshield wiper module is found in a hard-to-reach spot under the dash, and should be changed by a professional mechanic.

Other abnormalities can mimic symptoms of control module failure including a faulty wiper switch or wiper motor relay.

How to Fix:

The wiper motor is changed from front cowl

The defective wiper module is changed from the wiper motor

The new wiper module is joined to the wiper motor

The wiper motor is reinstalled onto the cowl

The wipers are inspected to work properly in all control positions

Windshield wiper module failure is not common, though as an electrical device, it can stop working without warning. Other problems should be considered prior to investigating the module itself, including relay failure, motor failure, a damaged gearbox, and a failed wiper switch.

Common symptoms indicating you may need to replace the Windshield Wiper Module

Windshield wipers works inconsistently

Windshield wipers don’t operate at all

Wipers initiate without input from the wiper switch

Windshield wiper speed cannot be controlled or changed

Importance of this service

Your windshield wipers are an important part of your vehicle and enhance safety by ensuring that you have a clear view of the road. If the windshield wiper module fails, your safety can be compromised. It should be rectified as soon as possible.


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