Tips On How To Sell Your Used Car Fast

Now that you have decided to sell your used car maybe because you need money or that the car has issues, there are things you need to put in place to ensure that you get the best price for your automobile. In this article we shall highlight 4 things you need to do to ensure that you sell your used car fast and get the best deal. Lets look at them one after the other.


 Ensure that you get all your paperwork in order, making sure you have the title, bill of sale, and a small check if necessary in your state. Take time and clean your car inside and out. Cleaning your car thoroughly is a simple thing that can make a huge difference in sale price. Then take great pictures with a good camera. Don’t forget that you are competing against all the other cars for sale out there. Take photos of the outside from different angles and some clear shots of the inside. Make sure the pictures are not blurry, too dark, or too light.


You can use online resources to find out the fair market value of your automobile. Enter your vehicle’s information and take into account any repairs that are needed. Now you will have an idea of how much to ask for when placing your ads.


This is another very important point when planning to sell a car. Make sure you place an ad online. You can list it on multiple sites, if you can afford to pay multiple fees. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are free, however. Choose which ad package fits you and your budget. Some include extra photos, car facts profiles, longer run times, and more. A great tip is to add the story of why you’re selling the car or what the car has meant to you. Buying and selling cars can be an emotional process. People connect with a good story.


After doing all these things, it’s time for you to meet potential buyers. Its advisable that you meet people in a public place like a bank during the day and have a friend with you. Check the potential buyer’s license to ensure it matches the person in front of you. Prepare to answer any tough questions about needed repairs or issues the potential buyer might ask. Try and be be honest when answering these questions. It’s ethical, and since you’ve priced and described the fairly and accurately, it shouldn’t be a surprise to the buyer. The buyer might ask for an independent mechanics inspection. That’s a reasonable request, if you can accommodate it, but the buyer should pay for it. If interested buyers want to take a test drive, be sure you go along with them. Once you are ready to sell the car, ensure that the buyer pays you in cash or a cashier’s check from a known local bank. To be extra cautious, get cash from the buyer at your bank and deposit it right away. Make sure you and the buyer fill out the relevant paperwork including a bill of sale. You can get a template for a bill of sale on the vehicle licensing office website, and you’re done.

When you break the process down into preparation, price, placement, and buyer, it’s not so overwhelming after all. Good luck!

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