Ways to Fix a Winter Car and Car Parts That Drain Car Battery

https://autoglobe365.com/Every year we notice that as the weather temperature goes down, many faults in a car shows up and requires a fix. During this period of extreme cold with bad road conditions, the automotive car system suffers a lot. We notice that from the external components to the heater part of the car might get bad and require immediate attention. In this article we will endeavour to  highlight  some common but top winters repairs you should be aware of. Looking out for this faults and fixing them before they create major damage can save you lots of cool cash.

  1. The Windshield Wiper Motor: The commonest feature of the winter is the frequent occurrence of snow and rain. Thus this is the time for the most frequent use of rain windshield wipers and because of the frequent use, you risk seeing a failed wiper motor. The wiper motor has components inclusive of two individual gears that energise the wiper blade once activated by the switch.  Power then passes through the electrical relay of the windshields wiper motor finally unto the motor itself. It is noteworthy to mention that this windshield motor has plenty individual components that can either function together of independently. Because of the problem associated with having this windshield wiper motor fail in the peak of the winter; it is advised that physical check be conducted on this part. Usually a simple fuse replacement or replay change can fix a faulty windshield wiper motor.
  2. The Heater system: This seems to one of the top winter required repairs. This is so because most car owners hardly use this component until mostly the cold winter times. This irregular use of this component makes it hard for the driver to quickly realize a fault until he has to caught up with a faulty heating system when he required the temperature of the cabin regulated. The heating unit of most cars and trucks work through the operation of some other independent parts name: The car cabin air circulating system and the engine itself. How it works is that as the car engine coolant goes through the engine, it absorbs the engine heat. It then passes through another part known as the heater code. Thus coils that are found inside this core are then heated up so that when the heated button is turned on, hot air is blown into your car cabin. For these components to function effectively, all independent parts must function together. Common reasons you are having a failed  heater system is  a heater core clogged with debris or dirt from the radiator.
  3. Windshield Washer tank system: This system is meant to reserve some quantity of windshield washing fluid that aids with washing any dirt off the windshield. The windshield fluid is meant to withstand extreme temperatures most times from 20degrees lower than zero. Though the recommendation is to use a windshield washing fluid, most people only pour in ordinary water or water mixed with detergent which puts them in the line of the reservoir tank failure. Windshield wiper tanks are made from plastic. As the onset of the winter dawns, the fluid and or water inside the tank begins to freeze thus cracking the tank so that as the temperatures return, the washer fluid begins to leak until the tank is empty, creating a situation to replace the tank.
  4. Car Headlight Bulb Replacement: The car headlight bulb is one of the car parts that does not fail by the weather. However, there could be a case of premature failure caused if the headlight housing is broken with the rubber seals also bad. When the seals are worn, extreme moisture can be let into the bulb that can get the headlight bulb broken. Do note that the seal as well as the headlight bulb casing can be broken as a result of extreme temperature.

As highlighted, these faults would require immediate attention to get you back on the winter roads without any hassle. Have a qualified auto mechanic inspect your car before the onset of the winter. Where you observe a non-functioning components, immediately contact a mechanic to ensure an early fix to avoid expensive repairs later.

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Car Parts That Drain Your Car Battery

It is a cold morning and you rushed to your car expecting to get into it and get the warmth from your heater system? As you step inside you realise your headlights are dim and your engine refuses to turn over; you have a drained battery on your hands. You had turned off your car. What are you dealing with?

To be sure your battery is the most vital component required to turn and drive a car. It functions by transferring power from the starter motor and feeding the spark plugs, car fuel and other system requiring electricity with power. Below are possible causes of a a dead or drained car battery

  1. Your Fault

Usually everyone driver suffers this blonder. What causes this? You are home tired from work and can’t wait to get inside to rest. In this process you forget to turn off your headlight bulb or you drag a luggage out of the trunk and forget to completely close the trunk. These lights stay overnight and in the morning you are battling with a car that wouldn’t start! Your battery is drained.


  1. Energy Dependent Parts(Parasites)

These kind of draining components are referred to as parasitic components. This kind of drain can be due to components that keep functioning even after the car ignition has been turned off. This kind of components like radio, security alarm, and clock. The work at all times. These components are configured to get minimised power from the battery, however, where there is a bad installation, unprofessional wiring and even bad fuses; the battery can be drained more than the normal thus draining the battery.


  1. A Bad charging System

Where your car charging system has a fault, you may be dealing with a draining battery even while driving. Most modern cars are configured to power their radios, lights etc from the alternator when the engine is running therefore if the alternator or any other charging component goes south, these components are then powered from the battery resulting in a quick drain of battery. The issue could be an alternator that has lost its grip from the tensioner or even a broken alternator belt.

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  1. A Bad Alternator

It is the duty of the alternator to recharge the car battery and energise other components like the radio, AC, lights the power window. However, if your alternator is bad of has a worn diode, your charging system will not work thus draining your battery and leaving you with a dead battery.


  1. Temperatures

Temperatures impact on battery life. Very high temperatures whether very hot  or extremely cold can lead to the production of lead sulphate crystal  that where the vehicle is allowed in that shape for a long while can impact the overall lifespan of a battery.


  1. Worn Battery

If you have a battery that has served 3-4years, get ready to replace this as it is unlikely to hold charge for long. Have this battery replaced as soon as possible.

  1. Battery Cable

If you are constantly having battery drain issues, you may be looking at a battery cable that is not firmly attached to the battery. This partial contact might prevent the car from starting while limiting or stopping the flow of charge to your battery. Also check to confirm that the battery cables are not corroded.


  1. Short Distance Drives

You may be having a draining battery as a result of having short drives.  The car battery uses good enough charge when starting the engine. Killing the engine before the alternator charging the battery could make the battery to keep draining.

Its frustrating waking up to a weak, drained or worn battery and it could be an issue being able to diagnose the particular issue. Ensure a professional mechanic is hired to undertake this fix and get your car working well.


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