What Should You Do When Your SRS light Comes On?

The SRS light usually shows on the dashboard instrument cluster. Seeing this light come on can really get a driver pissed. As such most people seem to ignore the, which can lead to disastrous consequences.  Anytime your SRS light pops on get it diagnosed and fixed immediately as ignoring it can result in a fatal accident. At this point you are bound to ask the full meaning of the SRS and why it plays such great role that it has to be fixed immediately there is a fault with it.

What Is the Meaning Of SRS

The SRS usually known as airbag light refers to ‘Supplemental Restraint System’. This is a system built up of sensors, a specialised module used in the interpretation of signals and then an airbag that gets activated by just a charge on the bag. This is simply a warning light that alerts you to a problem with your airbag control unit, disabling the system. The implication of this malfunction is that in the situation of an accident, the airbag will not get activated and deployed. The usefulness of the airbag In situations of accident can never be over emphasized. Besides the already stated function of the SRS is that it is configured to work with the seat belt. Once you put on your seat belt, the SRS gets to be a component of the seatbelt system and in the event of an impact collision; the computer thus tightens the seatbelt. This minimizes of keeps the people inside the car from physical danger.

What Can Trigger On the SRS Light?

Please bear in mind that the moment your engine is started, the SRS conducts a self-test for some 15 seconds and during this time the SRS will be on. This should not create any form of panic as the SRS light is bound to go off afterwards. However you should be worried where the light persists after that time. This light staying on signals a fault in the system. Being a safety issue, this matter should not be taken lightly and diagnosis and a fix should be sought immediately.

You are likle bothered about the reason for the triggered light. As already stated, the light is there as a signal that all is not well with some parts of the Supplemental Restraint System. Below are some of the faults in the system that can get the light coming on.

  1. A bad crash sensor that requires resetting
  2. Damaged clock spring inside of the steering wheel
  3. A faulty seatbelt switch
  4. A weak car battery can also cause the light to stay on.
  5. A module that is wet or has been corroded may also trigger on this light.
  6. A faulty seatbelt system that has developed as a result of regular us of the buckle or a buckle that has a metal substance like coin inside it that alters the signal sent to the SRS system.

There is a situation of a flashing SRS light. This should be given immediate attention to avoid catastrophic consequences.

 How Safe Is Driving With The SRS Light On?

The SRS light coming up does not entirely mean your car is not safe for driving. It is however best to have it fixed first because of the danger involved in driving it that way; not something to play with. But suppose as you driving you observe the SRS light coming up, what should be your reaction? First you might want to have this troubleshot using the OBD2 scanner. This will diagnose the particular problem, otherwise you may want to visit a mechanic to diagnose and fix this safety driving concern.

As advanced as today’s technology is, you do not really have to be visiting the mechanic each time your car has an issue. In the situation of an SRS light coming on, if you are a DIY person and have your OBD2 scanner all you need is change into your work cloth, link your scanning tool to your car onboard computer and have the problem codes displayed on the scanner interface.  In most cases also, the scanning tool may display the meaning of the error codes.  Simply decide if it’s a thing you can handle on your own and you are able to run a fix, the next step will be to clear the light by just clicking on a button on the OBD2 scanner you used. This will do the resetting. If you are not able to do this using this scanner, you can run it manually, simple turn on you ignition and just when the appearing ARS light wants to go off you turn off the ignition. Repeat this process several times until the light stops appearing.

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