Windshield Washer Pump Replacement

Windshield Washer Pump Replacement

What to know about Windshield Washer PumpWindshield Washer Pump Replacement

The windshield washer pump is a small electric water pump. When the washer pump is on, it takes the washer fluid from the windshield washer reservoir and directs it to be sprayed through the washer jets onto the windshield. It is an electrical component that can fail after sometime. If no fluid comes out of the washer jets when you activate the windshield wiper switch, ask the mechanic to check the tubes for cracks and the nozzles for clogging.

Facts to Note:

Whenever the windshield washer pump is repaired or changed, the whole windshield washing system should be inspected. It’s possible that the nozzles or the wiper switch are actually the cause of the problem.

How to Fix:

Check operation of the wiper switch.

Ensure the nozzles are not clogged.

Test for power and ground at the washer pump.

Remove and replace the washer pump.

Test for proper functioning of the washer system.

The windshield washing and wiping system is usually not inspected during routine maintenance. However, anytime a part of the windshield washing and wiping system is replaced or repaired, the windshield washer pump should be checked. If you notice that your vehicle is having a hard time spraying wiper fluid onto your windshield, you should schedule an inspection.

Common symptoms indicating you may need to replace the Windshield Washer Pump:

When the washer pump is on, washer fluid doesn’t spray on windshield.

Importance of this service:

Your windshield washing system is made to keep your windshield clean and your visibility at its peak. When you pull the windshield washer switch on the steering column, the windshield washer pump is activated. The windshield washer pump is an electric water pump that pulls washer fluid from the windshield washer reservoir, and sends it to the washer jets, where it is sprayed onto the windshield through nozzles. This washer fluid acts as soap, and the windshield wiper blades then wipe it off. This action cleans your windshield of any dirt and debris that has accumulated on it.

When the windshield washer pump doesn’t work proper, washer fluid will not be sent to the washer jets, and your vehicle will not be able to spray washer fluid onto the windshield. As a result, your visibility will be low.


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